Wearing Compression Hosiery For Travel

Wearing Compression Hosiery For Travel

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There is a potential, although slight, risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis during long plane flights. This even has a name: ‘economy class syndrome.’ The key is to increase blood flow and compression hose can help with that. 

The Independent Traveler has some useful steps to help you avoid the threat of DVT or other leg health problems that can arise during flights or Travel:
• Moving and stretching encourage blood flow, so take some time periodically to walk up and down the aisle
• Wear clothing that doesn’t bind
• Drink plenty of hydrating fluids before the flight and avoid diuretics like coffee and other caffeinated drinks
Travel socks or Compression hosiery has been shown to reduce the risk of DVT caused by Air Travel and long duration Travel by proper oxygenation is done throughout the body.


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