POLICE OFFICERS- Salute to Our Front line HEROES in COVID-19 Pandemic

POLICE OFFICERS- Salute to Our Front line HEROES

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Our routines and the everyday work environment have a major impact on our lifestyle and overall health.

There is no denying the fact that leg related diseases are a common medical disorder among people whose routine job demands continuous standing posture for long duration of time.

Police officers, Traffic policers Our front line heroes in Covid-19 Pandemic, usually have constant workload, long and unpredictable working hours, and encounter unexpected situations every day. Their intense working conditions have adverse effects on their health especially leg related ailments like varicose veins due to increase in the duration of their working hours.

During this Covid-19 pandemic,Police personnel, who are doing their best in providing a safe environment for us by standing for long hours in roads which is nearly 12-15 hours and sometimes it demands more than that irrespective of day and night .

All these factors contribute to the increasing probability police officers developing leg related ailments like varicose veins. These malfunctioning veins are formed when the valves of these veins do not function normally and rather prevent the blood flow back to the heart instead of promoting it.

Tips for taking care of your legs during long hours standing:

  1. Aim to avoid prolonged periods of standing
  2. Ensure to stretching your ankles, bending your knees and perform mild foot exercises even while standing on the job to regulate blood flow and prevent pooling of blood in the legs and feet.
  3. Drink plenty of water, Adequate hydration means healthy blood circulation
  4. Elevate your feet at least three times a day during breaks
  5. Exercise to boost circulation , gentle walks are good
  6. Yoga,sun salutations helps to stretch and tone your muscles
  7. Maintaining a ideal weight
  8. Eating nutritious meals with high protein with low salts
  9. Wear compression support socks to improve the blood circulation


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